Envision your sales force working for you 24/7/365:

eCommerce Website Design by Lee Bailey JreCommerce Website Design. Just imagine the sales figures you would bring in. Now, imagine this becoming a reality without having to pay the high salary costs. Integrating eCommerce solutions into your website can greatly increase your profit margins.

At Lees Design Series we have extensive experience in designing eCommerce websites and offer plans to fit every need from standard shopping carts to customizable advanced e-commerce platforms.

We also help you promote and market eCommerce websites through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

eCommerce Website Design is rapidly becoming a major force in today’s economy. If your company sells a product or service and you do not yet have an e-commerce website, chances are your competitor already does and is one step ahead of you.

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Our Advanced eCommerce Features:

eCommerce Website Design by Lee Bailey Jr Fully Customizable Shopping Cart

eCommerce Website DesignWe offer customization services for any special requirements your e-commerce site should need, we also create high end designs that represent businesses at their best. Once you capture a visitor’s attention, chances are your product is already sold!

Automated tracking and order processing

eCommerce product TrackingOur exclusive shipping integration solutions (UPS, FedEx, DHL) allow you to create tracking numbers and shipping labels right from your printer when batch printing your orders. Our system will automatically update orders status to printed and when the orders are shipped out it will automatically email the customer with his/her tracking number. The orders’ status will be updated automatically in the system until reaching your customers’ hands.

SEO Search Engine Optimization ready

SEO | eCommerceA web site and/or shopping cart that cannot be found online is like a store with the doors closed. For this reason at Lees Design Series we build our web sites and e-commerce systems Search Engine Optimized, so when a person searches for your product your website will appear up among the first positions on major search engines.

Advanced SEO is also available.

User Friendly

eCommerce Website Design Tracking user friendlyManaging an e-commerce website has never been easier. Our solutions are designed so you can log in to add products, manage orders and customers, send out e-mail promotions and even update information on your homepage in just a few clicks.

Smooth and Secure Checkout

eCommerce Website Design secure chekoutWe know how important privacy is to you and your clients. As e-commerce specialists, our shopping carts are programmed to provide a smooth and secure check out process where customers can feel confident to enter their personal information.

Exclusive Features

eCommerce Website Design exclusive featuresIncomplete orders module, shipping integration and automated order status updates, discount coupons, email blaster, unlimited products, ability to process orders in batches and a100% customizable programming make our e-commerce solutions superior to anything you have ever seen before!

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