Flash Design on Website

flash design by Lees Design SeriesWhen people come to us to discuss building a new website, it’s not uncommon for them to want to incorporate Flash Design on Website into their website design. It used to be that it was enough to post some nice graphics and text, but those types of websites now feel like they are asleep, and a good use of animation can go a long way in sweetening up your website.

Adding a video to your website can make your web site come alive while increasing your conversion rates. We offer several website video products in the form of video presentations, online video spokespersons, banner ads, headers, video PowerPoint presentations, and much more. Having a flash video on your website allows you to introduce your company with your own custom message.

If you’re not aware of what Flash is, it is a framework licensed by Adobe that allows designers/developers to create very rich animations, and interactive experiences that can be integrated into a website. The possibilities of what you can do with it are amazing, and it’s no surprise that it’s used extensively by all industries websites. It can be used to create web sites that really engage visitors and provide a rich experience that feels nothing at all like browsing the web.

Many of our custom websites are designed with flash headers and intros. We can build flash animations for just about any use.

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